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Green World is dedicated to innovation in technology and product. To this day, Green World has established a technological innovation system that is industry-focused, market-oriented and encompass production, research & development. and possessed core technology and proprietary intellectual property rights. Based on the original R&D center and production base, Green World has founded an new technology center and material production base. Every year many funds and technologies are invested in research and development of new products. We not only provide quality services for customers but devote to supplying new environmental products which have outstanding performance and keep up with the world pace.


Our principle for innovation is to develop new products and improve product quality by closely following the advanced foreign technologies and cutting-edge design concepts. Our mission to develop new products has always been on product performance and environmental protection.


Green World has jointly developed ZEPHYR ® series of prefabricated environmental-friendly rubber track with universities in Beijing and international professional institutions. This product series is made up of compound and natural rubber and prefabricated through special process in calendering, vulcanizing and stabilizing treatment. Being the first manufactured in China, this product has passed all the tests of IAAF, Sports Ground Compound Materials Test Center of the Chinese Athletic Association (CAA) and the State Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Test Center. With its advanced performance and outstanding quality, the product has been certified by IAAF and CAA.



With the success of the track product, Green World has furthermore developed and manufactured ZEPHYR ® product series of prefabricated environmental friendly rubber sports flooring. ZEPHRY ® product series includes two important categories: multi-purpose sports flooring and gymnasium flooring. Both products have passed the tests of standards set by Synthetic Surface Laboratory of Athletic Field, CAA.


Green World has always been very aware of the importance of environment management and environment protection. From the selection of raw materials, production processing and onsite construction to surface recycling, Green World has effectively controlled and monitored environment protection during the whole process.


Selection of raw materials: ZEPHYR ® environmental friendly rubber track and rubber sports flooring are made of natural and compounded rubber, free of any harmful substance to human body.


Production & Processing: During the production process, only an appropriate amount of organic nanometer material and pigment are added to the products to guarantee product performance and long-lasting surface colors. Tested by National Research Center of Testing Technique for Building Materials, all products conform to the national compulsory standards for interior decoration and finishing materials, free of harmful substance to both human and environment


On-site Construction: The ZEPHYR® product series of prefabricated environmental friendly rubber track and rubber sports flooring are very easy to use. They only need to be glued to the foundation with environmental friendly adhesive. The process of construction and application is harmless to human body.


Recycling: The leftover bits and pieces during production and application can be recycled, which not only avoids environmental pollution due to wastes but also provides new means for resource regeneration.

With outstanding performance in environmental protection, the Company has passed the ISO14001: 2004 International Environmental Management System Certification. ZEPHYR ® product series of rubber track and rubber sports flooring have been certified as Harmless Green Environmental Friendly Product and passed the National Environment Sign Authentication.